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Wafer laser cutting machine
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Wafer laser cutting machine (FLS-621W)


1. High configuration: The imported laser is used, the beam quality is better, the edge of the slit is smoother and smoother, the electrical influence on the chip is small, and the dicing (cutting) yield is high.

2, maintenance-free: the whole machine adopts standard modular design, truly maintenance-free, continuous operation without interruption, no consumable wearing parts replacement.

3, cost: the use of automatic positioning system, saving labor time costs, improve production efficiency; at the same time there is no deionized water, tool wear and other consumables costs.

4. Special control software: The control software designed for the laser dicing machine is easy to operate and can display the dicing path in real time.

5, processing speed: the maximum dicing speed can reach 600mm / s.

6, good compatibility: can cut some of the more complex wafer chips, such as hexagonal dies, and can work on wafers of different thickness.

Wafer laser cutting sampleWafer laser cutting sample

Application field

The wafer laser dicing (cutting) machine produced by Rayspeed laser has more versatility. The dicing using short pulse laser can well control the thermal influence in a small area. It is widely used in GPP technology. Cutting of wafers such as round and quaternary LED wafers.

Wafer laser cutting sampleWafer laser cutting sample

Technical parameters of laser unsealing machine

Model FLS-621W

Power 20W/30W

Laser wavelength 1064nm

Beam quality M2 <1.5

Laser output power 10%~100% continuously adjustable

Laser output frequency 20KHz~100KHz continuously adjustable

Platform travel 200mmX220mm

Automatic positioning accuracy ±2um

Minimum line width 0.02mm

Scribe size 2"~ 6"

Screed thickness ≤0.8mm

Cutting speed ≤600mm/s

Cooling method

Operating environment temperature 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C

Power demand 220V / single phase / 50Hz / <1200W

Laser module life 100,000 hours

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