PCB circuit board laser machine

2019-10-17 11:19

As we all know, circuit boards, as an important part of connected electronic integration, are used in almost all electronic products, including everyday electronic communication devices, electronic computers, household appliances, and the like. Common circuit boards are divided into PCB hard boards, FPC flexible boards, and soft and hard boards.

       PCB is called printed circuit board, FPC circuit board is also called flexible circuit board (it is a highly reliable circuit board that is highly reliable and suitable for today's technology development trend). FPC and PCB have been developed through software development. Combine the board.


       As a traditional circuit board PCB, it has always been an essential role in the electronics market. Due to its high density, high reliability, designability, and testability, laser coders are suitable for coding circuit boards. Date, product quality and related information to achieve product traceability and determination.


      FPC is currently only used in the mid- to high-end market, because of its unique features, it is suitable for coding and cutting of UV fine laser cutting machine. The combination of soft and hard boards is the development and application of PCB and FPC. A new circuit board is born, which has the characteristics of FPC and PCB. It has a certain rigid area and flexible area and can be used in most applications of FPC and CB.

      PCB and FPC use corresponding laser equipment to code the sub-boards. Cutting can significantly improve production and processing efficiency and yield, reduce pollution, reduce cost and labor resources, free up certain productivity, and select corresponding coding equipment. Log in to go beyond the laser official website for understanding and consultation.