PET_PI_FPC film laser cutting machine

2019-10-17 11:12

The film is a thin, soft, transparent sheet. Made of plastic, adhesive, rubber or other materials. The scientific explanation of the film is: a 2-dimensional material formed by depositing atoms, molecules or ions on the surface of the substrate. Examples: optical films, composite films, superconducting films, polyester films, nylon films, plastic films, and the like. Films are widely used in electronics, machinery, printing and other industries. A thin film material refers to a thin metal or organic layer having a thickness ranging from a single atom to a few millimeters. Electronic semiconductor functional devices and optical coatings are the main applications of thin film technology. Common films are PET, PI, FPC, etc.

PET film laser cutting machine cutting sample.png

      In order to improve the absorption of laser energy by the material, the cutting surface is vertical and smooth, and the heat-affected area is smaller, so as to prevent the curling from appearing. A laser device that requires precision and less heat consumption processes the above materials to solve the disadvantages of jagged, yellow, black, and curled edges. Beyond the laser Xiaobian, we recommend several kinds of thin film laser cutting equipment:

   1, a common high-speed CO2 laser slitting machine, the relative cutting edge has a slight melting phenomenon.

   2, can be cut by nanosecond UV laser, the cutting edge is smooth, no burrs, and there is a slight blackening phenomenon.

   3, if the product cutting requirements are high and the budget is plentiful, picosecond UV or femtosecond UV, green laser cutting machine can be used. It can effectively solve the problem of speed and edge burrs, blackening carbonization and curling. The section is smooth and flat and beautiful.

PI film laser cutting machine cutting sample.png

Rayspeed laser cutting machinefor various types of film development has the following highlights.

   1. Granite base, high-speed high-precision linear motor and vacuum suction system, precise positioning and high processing stability; integrated closed structure, safe and reliable performance.

   2. Select the international first-line brand of precision laser, which has the advantages of good beam quality, small focusing spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width and high cutting quality.

   3. Multi-year process test optimization, high-precision, low-drift galvanometer and fast iron-free linear motor system platform combination, fast cutting while maintaining micron-level precision;

FPC film laser cutting machine cutting sample.png

   4. Self-developed Windows-based control software, easy-to-operate Chinese interface, friendly and beautiful, powerful and diverse, easy to operate.

   5. Adopt high-precision CCD automatic positioning, high precision, no manual intervention, simple operation, realize the same type of one-button mode, greatly improve production efficiency;

   6. Environmental protection standard: The suction system can completely eliminate the cutting exhaust gas, avoiding the harm to the operator and the pollution to the environment.

Thin film laser cutting machine.png

The Rayspeed thin film laser cutting machine heats a small area of brittle material by a laser beam, causing a large thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation in the area, causing the material to form cracks. As long as a balanced heating gradient is maintained, the laser beam can direct the crack to occur in any desired direction. Suitable for cutting and forming PET/PI cover film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), soft and hard bonded board (RF) and thin multi-layer board.