Application of UV laser cutting machine in FPC cover film

2019-10-17 10:41

Flexible Printed Cirecuit (FPC) cover film, the main component is Polyimide (PI), usually used in industrial PI film attached to the paper substrate by means of adhesive, in the form of roll storage, industrial Also known as PI cover film, polyimide is a high temperature polymer containing an imide ring structure in the main chain of the molecule, which has excellent comprehensive properties, and the heat resistance and radiation resistance are high in the current industrial production. Molecular materials are extremely prominent. It has outstanding dielectric properties, mechanical properties, radiation resistance and wear resistance at high temperatures, and is widely used in precision machinery such as aviation, weapons, electronics and electrical appliances.

FPC cover film laser cutting sample display

        Since the discovery of the excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties of polyimides in the late 1950s, research on such polymers has been very active. However, difficult processing and high manufacturing costs severely limit its application.

FPC UV laser cutting machine construction

       In FPC, the role of the cover film is as follows, so the processing with an ultraviolet laser cutting machine can satisfy these:

(1) Protect the copper foil from exposure to air and avoid oxidation of the copper foil;

(2) Covering subsequent surface treatments, such as areas where gold plating is not required, covered with PI;

(3) In the subsequent surface mount process, the solder resist effect. Therefore, in industrial production, window cutting is required for the corresponding position of the cover film, and the size and type of the cover film cutting window required by different electronic circuits are different. At present, the process used in mass production of FPC cover film is a traditional stamping method, which has problems of low precision, labor and material resources, and large dust and noise pollution in the processing environment.

FPC cover film double head automatic laser cutting machine

         Rayspeed Laser's new dual-platform cover film UV laser cutting machine is more cost-effective and enables large-scale production of film laser processing. Customers can save a lot of labor costs, achieve higher precision processing, and shorten product production cycle.