Jewelry laser spot welding machine use precautions

2019-10-17 10:24

Silver jewellery needs to use high-end inkjet equipment such as laser coding to carry out the coding, but the coding code uses temperature to achieve the purpose of melting. After the coding, it will inevitably leave all the burning black, for these beautiful effects, Mechanical cleaning often fails to achieve results and can even cause damage to jewelry.


Even if the gold and silver wood after the filming has turned black, the gold and silver jewellery will change color and lose the original luster in the long-term circulation of air and natural media. For these problems, an effective solution is needed.

First of all, when the gold and silver jewelry is coded, try to reduce the spot size, only the code area, and do not put it together with other products; avoid contact with some chemicals; if you accidentally produce defects, don't worry, you can use soft Brush the toothpaste or cleaning agent and other items for cleaning; it can't be cleaned, scrub with silver washing water, and then dry with a dry cloth.

In normal wear, it will also cause damage to the silver caused by the sweat of the human body. It should be collected when not wearing it. It is best to use a closed pocket to prevent the surface of the silverware from coming into contact with the air and oxidizing and blackening. Wipe the surface of the silver with a soft cloth to maintain the luster, but it is best to use a special silver cloth. Silver is more chemically active, so it will react with sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the surface of the silver is blackened, You can use the soda powder in clean water and then clean it to restore the beautiful luster of silver.

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For the mass production of gold and silver jewelry, the use of a single cleaning will reduce the production efficiency, so it is necessary to use a white shovel or a copper wire or copper wire brush. It is better to use a polishing machine. Then use the cloth belt to polish the locomotive and it will be as bright as before.