Tobacco packaging Laser marking machine

2019-09-04 11:27

The Rayspeed high-speed laser marking machine has a compact body design, a safe and stable operating system, powerful marking speed and performance, and won praise from users. Rayspeed Laser is an excellent supplier to many tobacco companies, customizing laser marking machines for tobacco packaging lines.

Tobacco packaging marking

There are two ways to code tobacco packaging:

1. The laser marking machine can penetrate the cellophane and hit the bar box, which is difficult to remove!

2, inkjet marking machine is mostly used for high-grade smoke and special smoke, it is easy to remove!

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined, and users can realize laser marking output by programming on a computer. It can also produce clear marks on several materials or on irregular surfaces, with the unique effect of “one dozen double mark” or “riding mark”, which is not easy to imitate.

The laser can form a very thin beam with a minimum line width of 0.1 mm on the surface of the material, creating a wide space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. Not only can you write complex texts, graphics, images, light-transparent buttons, trademark design, barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc. Any graphics and text displayed on the screen can be immediately placed on the surface of the specified material. .

Laser marking can also improve the appearance of the product and the brand name effect, and enhance the market competitiveness of the product. The laser marking machine can be used to play random code or anti-counterfeiting code. It can also make a separate code for each bottle or every small bottle cap. It can be directly identified, fast and easy, and can also spray price, promotion and other information. Printed on the wine box, it can effectively control the sales price of the wine and prevent market fluctuations.

High-quality laser marking machine and laser printer can also print various unchangeable graphics, texts, numbers and other information on high-speed and clear packaging in various materials (such as wine bottles, caps, etc.); Or print special marks (graphics, text, code) on the outer packaging, or use the special function of laser marking to effectively prevent the circulation of counterfeit and counterfeit products and cross-regional sales and goods; print the number and barcode on the product packaging and carton packaging. Information sent to the local, and connected to the database system, can also achieve flow tracking and dealer tracking across the region, which is beneficial to protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers.

Rayspeed laser marking machine features:

1. Excellent beam quality: The beam quality of the FLS-FB series fiber laser marking machine is better than that of the traditional solid-state laser marking machine. It is the output of the fundamental mode (TEMOO), the spot diameter is 10um, and the divergence angle is 1 of the semiconductor pump laser. /4. Especially suitable for precision and fine marking.

2, the use of low cost: electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30%, the whole machine consumes less than 500W, is 1/10 of the lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, greatly saving energy consumption.

3, maintenance-free operation: the laser does not require any maintenance, and does not need to adjust or clean the lens.

4, long service life: the use of laser diodes as a pump source, the average working time can reach 100,000 hours

5, processing speed: processing speed is 2-3 times that of traditional laser marking machine

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