How to adjust the typing and laser path of the laser marking machine?

2019-09-04 11:00

The working principle of the laser marking machine is that the high temperature generated by the contact of the laser beam with the surface of the workpiece instantaneously corrodes the surface of the workpiece to form the text and pattern edited by the computer program. Commonly used are fiber laser printers, co2 laser printers, UV laser printers, green laser printers.

Different types of machines are selected according to the materials of the products. Generally, metal products use fiber laser printers, plastic products use co2 laser printers, and glass porcelains use ultraviolet laser printers. Regardless of the model, you may encounter problems with typing when you use it. The Rayspeed laser is summarized for several reasons:

1, the machine type selection is not suitable, some special materials, we can use a variety of types of inkjet printer to proof the effect

2. The optical path is biased, and the optical path is re-adjusted with the multiplier to adjust to the optimal state.

3. Reduce the marking speed and change the filling method. And if the workpiece is in focus, refocus the focus.

4. The lens is dirty, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, gently scrub the YG end face, front reverse lens, beam expander and focusing mirror.

5. Increase the laser power supply current of laser marking machine and reduce the frequency of marking machine

The adjustment of the optical path of the laser marking machine requires a certain degree of experience. The adjustment process requires patience, seriousness and care. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the red light power supply first and remove the Q switch. After adjustment, the lens, the module and the front lens make the reverse point and the red light point at the same point.

2. Turn on the chiller and laser power. Place the doubling sheet between the front and back mirrors and the beam expander. Adjust the laser power supply to about 10A, observe that there is no green light upstream of the multiplier, gently adjust the front mirror bracket until green light appears, gradually reduce the output current of the laser power until 8A, continue to carefully adjust the front and rear mirror frame The four knobs on the top make the spot diameter the brightest.

3. Place the doubling chip under the focal length lens and adjust the beam expander bracket to make the diameter of the spot become the brightest and roundest.

4. Install the Q switch and place the multiplier between the front lens and the beam expander. Check whether the Q switch lock light is normal or not through the switch Q drive. Adjust the Q position when there is light leakage. Then increase the laser power supply current to observe whether there is light leakage until it is completely leak-free.

5, the last boot detection, remember not to adjust a knob too large, too fast, otherwise it is easy to appear without laser.

The Rayspeed laser machine is warranted for one year, lifetime maintenance and free training. The training includes: software and hardware learning of machine equipment, machine debugging, various product marking parameters and precautions, machine maintenance and general troubleshooting.