What are the advantages of Fraus laser marking software?

2019-09-04 10:27

As a leader in the laser machine industry, Rayspeed Laser has invested a lot of development costs in laser marking software, integrating the world's advanced laser technology, and the laser marking system developed has the following advantages:

1, can customize laser marking system for customers, write independent software code, targeted, can better match customer product marking, improve efficiency.

2, the role of full intelligent segmentation of text and text, you can process complex graphics, so that these are no longer difficult to operate.

3, laser marking machine software supports single-line fonts, dot matrix fonts, etc., which is convenient for the staff to operate. It also supports one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes. This provides a lot of convenience for the staff used in the enterprise. Interconnected with the network

Network voice is associated, making these more closely related to the daily operating system. It also provides a lot of convenient ways for future operations.

4, Rayspeed Laser can design the image and shape to be produced according to user needs. The graphics or corporate logos that many companies want to design are their own unique images, and there are no images that can be copied and the same. Some even registered or patent-pending icons, their images can be difficult and complicated to mark. The laser marking machine software can design related images according to the user's own wishes. As long as the graphics can be designed, the laser marking machine can be used to mark the logo. There are many possibilities for this, and many beautiful logos and graphics have been created, allowing more graphic logos to be created.

5, Rayspeed laser marker software also has multi-language function, can support multiple languages, so that laser marking machine software can be used more widely.

6, Rayspeed laser marking machine software has a full-featured graphic creation function, which can be edited. It is also possible to make modifications to the procedures that are performed. With image editing and processing capabilities. A function that can process existing pictures.

7, Rayspeed laser printer software can be very fast text processing, and flexible text processing, so that workers can change the text more conveniently during the operation, so that the text can be adapted at any time during the processing Text. You can also change the text text dynamically at any time. The timely and effective reading and writing of text and text can be effectively operated during the processing, so that the required icons can be printed more accurately and in time, and used in the production process. The laser marking machine software, in addition to timely and effective reading and writing of text and text, can also directly interpret office documents, including form software. In this way, you can read and write text and data more directly and clearly.

8, Rayspeed laser marking machine software can read the relevant data through the serial port and network port of the device. This is a smart operating system that can be entered based on data prepared in advance to operate the device.

Rayspeed Laser is the first professional laser machines manufacturer in Shenzhen that can customize the code for customers. The coded software and imported hardware configuration are more efficient than the peers. The high-end configuration and precision machining make the quality and performance of the Fraus laser equipment truly legendary! The company provides laser equipment automation supporting services, which can solve a series of laser technical problems such as marking, coding, welding and cutting.