Rayspeed automated laser marking system customization

2019-08-12 20:46

Rayspeed laser marking machine can be customized according to automated production lines。

Many customers expect Rayspeed Lase to design special laser marking machines for them due to the immature processing environment and production technology.

Rayspeed Laser has set up a dedicated custom team to launch customized laser marking machines for automated production lines for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can greatly increase production efficiency and meet the production requirements of special products.

Rayspeed laser automation solution is divided into rotary platform and clamping fixture suitable for programming, software development, special hardware equipment design and auxiliary production for all online flight laser marking.

The overall structure of automatic multi-station rotary laser marking machine equipment:

1. The turntable uses a universal fixture, which can be used for a variety of ball gun shades without the need to change fixtures.

2. The whole machine consists of 2 major parts: one set of eight-station rotary disc and one fiber laser machine:

3, the laser head can be rotated and adjusted, vertical marking or horizontal marking can be used, easy to operate.

4. The turntable uses 220V, 120W, high-speed AC motor with adjustable speed.

5. The multi-station fixture designed by the turntable can automatically rotate and feed 8 products at a time. Each station can be rotated automatically for marking. It can be loaded at the same time as the equipment works, saving manpower compared with ordinary equipment. Increase productivity;

Rayspeed laser develops a separate laser automatic marking system according to the different needs of different customers, and strives to tailor a matching solution according to the actual product and production conditions of the customer to ensure more stable and efficient production.