Type of marking machine

2019-08-07 11:47

According to the working principle, the marking machine can be divided into laser jet printer and ink jet printer. The following is a small series of you to walk into the code family branch of the logo family to understand its core backbone.

First, the laser printer

Laser printers can also be called laser marking machines, but not all laser marking machines are called laser printers. Laser printers use laser beams to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials. The effect of marking is to expose deep materials through the evaporation of surface substances, thus engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks and words. Laser printers are more often used to refer to machines in the industry called flight laser marking machines that can be combined with pipelines for online flight marking.

Laser printers are mainly divided into: carbon dioxide laser printers, fiber laser printers and UV laser printers. At present, laser jet printers are mainly used in some applications where finer precision and higher precision are required. Used in electronic components, integrated electronics (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision equipment, glasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe.

Second, inkjet printer

The ink jet printer is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single chip microcomputer. It applies a certain pressure to the ink in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or by supplying compressed gas from outside the machine, so that the ink is ejected through a nozzle of several tens of micrometers. And the crystal oscillating signal applied above the nozzle splits the continuous ink line into droplets of the same frequency, equal size, and a certain interval. Then, the ink droplets are respectively charged when passing through the charging electrode, and the amount of electricity charged by the CPU is controlled by the CPU. Controlling; detecting the actual charge and phase of the ink droplets through the detection electrode; finally, the charged ink droplets are deflected in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrode, and are emitted from the nozzle, respectively, and are placed at different positions on the surface of the product to form a desired Various characters, patterns and other logos. Instead of being charged, the ink droplets are driven into the recovery tank and re-entered into the ink circulation system inside the machine.

The ink jet printer is mainly divided into: continuous inkjet printer and on-demand inkjet printer according to the working principle; divided into hand-held inkjet printer, desktop inkjet printer and small inkjet printer according to the style.

The ink jet printer is mainly applied to light industrial products such as food, beverage, agricultural and sideline products, medicine, daily chemicals, cosmetics, building materials, etc. It is also practical to print labels for chemical, paper, metallurgy and steel industry products.