Why is the UV laser marking machine called "cold processing"?

2019-07-15 11:32

With the rapid development of laser technology, the application of laser technology in different fields has been gradually expanded, and it is widely used in many aspects of current processing. The unique processing method not only solves many problems of current processing, but also proposes more for current processing. Possible.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to one of the series of laser marking machines. It is a newly developed laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine uses laser as the thermal processing technology, the space for improvement in precision is improved. limited. The UV laser marking machine adopts cold processing technology, which has no heat effect and higher precision.

UV laser marking engraving machine.jpg

Ultraviolet laser processing is called cold working because the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons directly detach the molecules on the metal or non-metal materials that need to be processed. However, this detachment causes the molecules to be separated from the materials. Since such a processing method does not generate heat, the method of ultraviolet laser processing belongs to cold processing technology, and is also a difference from a conventional laser.

On the basis of cold processing, processed products will get better results. When using cold laser processing, the probability of materials being affected by heat is reduced to one percent. The advantages of laser marking are fully exploited.


In the field of precision machining, UV laser marking machines are increasingly used. The UV laser processing process is called “light etching” effect, and “cold processing” has high load energy (ultraviolet) photons, which can break materials (especially organic materials). Or a chemical bond in the surrounding medium to cause the material to undergo a non-thermal process damage. This cold working has special significance in laser marking processing because it is not thermal ablation, but does not cause "thermal damage" side effects, and the cold peeling of the chemical bond is broken, so that the inner layer and the vicinity of the surface to be processed are not Produces heat or thermal deformation.

The materials produced by the UV laser marking machine have smooth edges and very low carbonization. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is very suitable for the current fine processing, and the excellent performance has been accepted by many industries, and it has become an important processing method in the field of precision machining.

The UV laser has a very small focus and a small heat-affected zone, so it does not affect the surrounding material of the marking surface during processing. The small laser beam also meets the needs of the current fine processing, as well as the processing needs of special fields. , is now the first choice for customers with higher markup effects.

UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, which can mark most materials, with high processing speed, high efficiency and good stability of the whole machine. It can meet the needs of mass production and flow operation. It is now in the field of fine processing. A powerful assistant.

Nowadays, the UV laser marking machine has been widely used in the high-end market of the current fine processing field, and has played an important role in the current fine processing field, which has provided us with a fast and efficient solution for the refined processing.