Laser engraving machine in automotive interior applications

2019-07-06 17:02

Today we talk about the application of laser engraving machines in automotive interior products to help you understand laser engraving technology.

What is a laser engraving machine:

Laser engraving processing is the use of numerical control technology, with laser as the processing medium, so that the material is melted and vaporized under the laser irradiation for physical denaturation, to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser engraving machines are usually divided into fiber laser engraving machines and CO2 laser engraving machines.

Laser engraving - car interior.jpg

What are the characteristics of laser engraving?

It has no contact with the surface of the material and is not affected by mechanical movement. The surface of the material will not be deformed and generally does not need to be fixed. It is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, and is convenient for soft materials. High processing precision, fast speed and wide application fields. Really amazing!

Laser engraving

Laser engraver application:

The laser can not only personalize the laser engraving and punching of the surface of various fabrics, leathers and synthetic materials, but also can customize the exclusive models for cutting, so that the cutting and engraving and marking processes are completed on the same equipment, which improves the processing. Efficiency increases the added value of the product.

Give you an example of a car interior application. The LEXUS interior in the picture below uses a laser engraving process to transform the material of gold and wood into a fascinating artistic effect.

There is always a group of people in every era who chase speed and chase the ultimate. And laser technology promotes the reform of engraving technology, constantly challenging the limits of time and style. Using laser engraving is like printing on paper with a computer and printer. The only difference is that printing is to apply toner to the paper, while laser engraving is to illuminate the laser on wood, acrylic, metal plates and other materials, so that the graphics are presented in an instant! Have you been flashed?

Laser engraving - leather

How is this effect made?

It is said that the engineers of LEXUS Lexus have made high-quality wood into thin slices through a number of meticulous steps. The high-precision abrasive tools are used to press the aluminum plate and the wood board together, and then the electronically controlled laser ablate the surface of the wooden board. Gray, blooming with a gorgeous metal texture, engraved with the unique Lexus RX unique artwork.

Laser engraving - metal

Thanks to the great technology! Rayspeed Laser has been committed to providing efficient laser machines and systems for the society, as well as custom laser engraving machines and marking machines.