How much impact does laser damage have on laser marking machines?

2019-06-26 17:23

The laser of the laser marking machine is equivalent to the core processor of the mobile phone and is a very critical component. A laser marking machine that loses its laser is like a mobile phone that loses its core processor, just an empty shell.

fiber laser marker P1000.jpg

The loss of the laser is equivalent to the reduction of the life of the laser machine, just like the life meter of the laser marking machine. Of course we can easily decide to change a laser, but the laser is expensive. Therefore, when using a laser marker, we must have sufficient protection against the laser to avoid damage.

Based on the importance of the laser, its quality also determines the quality of the laser marking machine. A good laser gives the user more than just the advantages of convenient operation, durability and stability, and accurate marking. It is also a symbol of corporate strength. A high-quality laser marker can give customers a better impression and trust in your company.


The Rayspeed fiber laser marking machine P1000 is a high-quality product. It uses a third-generation fiber-optic solid-state laser. The pumping light source has an electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 80% through fiber coupling. The beam quality is higher and the life is longer. The laser life can reach 10 Ten thousand hours. Ultra-fine marking effect, especially suitable for anti-white, matte, color and other effects on metal products such as stainless steel.