Development of metal laser marking machine in China

2019-05-25 09:36

Although the development history of laser coding machines is not very long, and the wide application is only in the past few years, the laser marking technology has broken through many bottlenecks of traditional equipment, and people continue to carry out technical summarization. Machine technology has matured.

With the upgrading of China's industry and the recovery of the global economy, laser advanced technology has been greatly developed, and China's laser industry continues to develop and gradually emerges from the haze.

signags laser engraving-stainless steel

The flame coder uses a laser thermal coding principle to code various metals or plates. The laser coded metal has high coding precision and good stability. Because in the design, the research and development personnel constantly optimize the control of the numerical control system, so that it can better meet the more and more precise parts processing; and the designed numerical control system has strong dynamic stability and can work for a long time.

Moreover, since the metal laser marking machine adopts a mechanical docking system, in this case, the metal laser coder will be docked at any time with the height of the plate, but the position of the code point remains unchanged. Therefore, the material of the coded material is smooth and flat, and no other post-processing is required after the coding, which reduces various processing links, and is fast and cost-effective.

Of course, the core technology of the metal laser code printer is that its digital plasma printer is stable in optical path system. Even after thousands of vibrations, the laser optical path system is stable.