Eight reasons and solutions for the reduction of laser marking machine power

2019-05-24 00:00Fraser Laser

The laser marking machine belongs to professional industrial processing equipment. It takes a long time to use and is prone to some unexpected situations. For example, many users have found that the power of the laser marking machine has decreased. The following are some common reasons for the power loss of the laser marker.

1. Marking speed is too fast

Solution: Slow down the marking speed appropriately.

2. The laser power supply voltage drops, causing the laser output power to drop.

Solution: Replace the power supply.

fiber marking (engraver) machine 1.jpg

3. The optical path system is not accurate

Solution one: adjust the laser.

Solution 2: Adjust the position of the beam expander. The incident light should be at the center of the aperture of the beam expander, and the exit light should be at the center of the exit hole.

4. The surface of the workpiece is not on the focal plane

Solution: Adjust the surface of the workpiece to the focus.

5. Beam mirror position and direction are not accurate

Solution: Adjust the position of the beam expander.

6. The laser entering the galvanometer is off center

Solution: Adjust the laser.

7. Lenses on lenses and lenses

Solution: Clean or replace.

8. The equipment has been used for too long

Solution: Need to inflate or replace with a new laser.

When the laser marking machine is in maintenance and repair, some operations require professional technicians to complete it. Do not disassemble and repair it yourself. Otherwise, it will not only damage the performance of the equipment, but also cause damage to the operator.