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laser cutting machine for FPC flexible circuit board
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Flexible circuit board laser cutting machine integrates laser technology, visual positioning technology and electronic technology. It adopts high-performance UV laser with high beam quality, high peak power, high precision, high stability, high efficiency and high flexibility. The characteristics of automated manufacturing, can cut a variety of high-precision, high-complexity flexible circuit boards and soft and hard bonding boards, and can be applied to the processing of flexible circuit board accessories.

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1. The solid-state ultraviolet laser with international first-line brand has the advantages of good beam quality, small focusing spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width and high cutting quality.

2. High-precision, low-drift galvanometer and fast two-dimensional servo translation stage maintain high precision on the order of micrometers during fast cutting.

3, using high-precision CCD automatic positioning, high precision, simple operation, to achieve the same type of one-button mode, greatly improving production efficiency.

4. The suction system can completely eliminate the cutting exhaust gas, avoiding the harm to the operator and the pollution to the environment.

5, galvanometer automatic correction, automatic alignment, automatic automation, machine operation is simple.

6, non-contact processing, will not produce any mechanical stress variants, and more protect the circuit.

7. The laser has a long service life, and the cost of repairing and replacing the laser is low.

8, can cut complex graphics, cutting speed, stable performance, cost-effective; cutting edge smooth, no burrs, no dust.

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Applicable to FPC flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board processing, including contour cutting, slotting, opening, FR4, battery film opening and so on.

Widely used in circuit board factories, electrical and electrical, electronic manufacturing, printing and other industries.

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Technical parameter

Flexible circuit board laser cutting machine

Laser wavelength: 355nm

Effective cutting range: 450mm×450mm

Cutting thickness: less than 0.4mm

Cutting speed : ≤2m/s

Line width : 0.02mm

Workbench positioning accuracy : ≤0.02mm

Workbench repeat positioning accuracy : ≤±0.01mm

CCD automatic positioning accuracy : 7μm

Galvanometer repeatability : ±3μm

electricity demand    AC 220V ± 5%/ 50Hz

Machine power consumption : ≤3KW

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