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IC laser capping machine
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IC laser decapping machine

Copper process chips have become the mainstream of the semiconductor industry, which poses challenges for device removal in failure analysis. The traditional acid stripping method has been unable to complete the decapping of copper process IC devices, and the yield is generally less than 30%. Rayspeed Laser's laser decapper has brought new breakthroughs in semiconductor analysis.


This laser decapper designed for IC devices can be used in a single device or in multiple devices with the following features:

1. It has a good de-covering effect on decopper process devices, and the success rate is higher than 90%.

2, the damage to the environment and human pollution is small, in line with the concept of environmental protection.

3. The efficiency is 3~5 times that of the acid removal machine.

4, the computer controls the shape, position, size, time, etc. of the opening, convenient operation, good etching uniformity.

5. The equipment is stable and the failure rate is lower.

6, the volume is small, easy to place.

7. A convenient failure analysis tool for PCBA or BGA substrate sample preparation.

8, almost no consumables, operating costs are very low.


Second, technical parameters

Opening range 50x50mm

Working distance 180mm

Laser wavelength 1064nm, (10.6um optional)

Laser output power 20W

Standard marking range 50x50 (70x70, 100x100 optional)

Line width 40~150um

M2 <2

Frequency 20kHz -80kHz

Input power AC220V

Machine rated power 400w

laser Decapping-IClaser Decapping-IClaser Decapping-IClaser Decapping-IClaser Decapping-IClaser Decapping-IC

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