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Ten years of industry experience, with manufacturing capabilities such as laser marker, laser welder, laser cutter, laser cleaning machine, etc.
Custom service
We can customize the laser machine according to the customer's production site and actual needs.
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About Us
Rayspeed Laser is the best laser machine brand in China. Its main products include laser marker, laser engraver, laser welder, laser cutter and laser cleaner. Laser marking and welding systems are particularly popular and have helped companies over 1200 increase productivity.
Development concept
In-depth customer production line site, to provide customers with effective laser solutions. High-end laser machines are manufactured using high-quality spare parts and strict production processes.
User video feedback
How does the Rayspeed Laser machine help users increase productivity?
Our machines are used by many companies. They say that Rayspeed laser machines have greatly improved their productivity and sent back many feedback videos.

Square metal box laser welding video

The square metal box is laser welded to the video, and th...

Laser cleaning video

Rayspeed laser cleaning machine can clean the surface of ...

Mobile laser cutting video

Mobile laser cutting video

Iphone mobile phone laser marking video

This is a video of two-sided marking of the Iphone case. ...

Battery laser welding video

Battery laser welding video

Two-axis rotary laser marking video

This is a two-axis rotary laser marking video from Rayspe...
How many times does a DJI UAV have to be marked?

DJI is the world's most popular unmanned aerial vehicle brand. Like other international brands, DJI also pays great attention to the brand identity of its products. DJI has repeatedly purchased laser marking machines and other laser machines from Rayspeed Laser.
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Future development trend of laser marking technology

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Eight reasons and solutions for the reduction of laser marking machine power

The laser marking machine belongs to professional industr...

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