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Large-format gantry fiber laser cutting machine
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The laser cutting machine is apply the focused   high-energy pulsed laser   and the gasification ,to make the localized melting of the metal workpiece, then performed to achieve precise cutting. The product has high cutting precision and is suitable for cutting of precision workpieces. The cutting speed is fast, which is more than 60 times of wire cutting; the heat affected zone is small, the workpiece is not easy to be deformed, the slit is smooth and smooth, and no post-order processing is required; Beam, multi-station simultaneous processing (optional function)

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1. Cutting the area of 1250*2500mm, which can realize one-time cutting and forming of the whole board, improve work efficiency.

2. The workbench is equipped with a manual small wheel frame, and the cut plate can be slid and translated along the bed to facilitate feeding.

3. The electric air gripper clamps the thin plate, which is convenient and quick.

4. The cantilever beam is in the form of castings, the structure is stable and reliable, and the rigidity is excellent, which makes the mechanism run more smoothly.

5. The laser focus is automatically followed. The thin metal sheet must be shaped into a flat shape by the initial winding shape, and the sheet plane will inevitably have a certain "undulation". The focus automatic follower mechanism can ensure that the focal plane and the plane of the cut sheet remain constant. The distance, so that the cutting quality is consistent, to avoid the defective products caused by the "undulation" changes.

6. The laser cost is low and the maintenance is convenient. The operator can replace the consumables and maintenance of the equipment by training.

7. Optional fiber with different power or different manufacturers


Suitable for precision machinery, hardware, sheet metal processing, etc. It Especially suitable for stainless steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, diamond saw blades and other materials. It has excellent processing effects on various high-hard and brittle alloys.

Technical Parameters

Maximum laser power


laser wave length


Spot treatment

3 times expansion beam homogenization

Maximum idle speed


Minimum kerf width


Workbench trip


Repeat positioning

Red light preview indication

Laser power stability


Host power consumption


cooling method

water cooling

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